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Mixed tattoo 209

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Mixed tattoo 209
The patterns in this Polynesian tattoodesign are spearheads (symbolizing strength and courage), arrowheads for power and a symbol of a warrior. The outer layers are patterns of 'enata' humans, that representing family.
Below you see different placements on the body. I personally like the chestpiece very much, this is the same tattoo, mirrored, so it covers both sides of your chest.

Size: 16,5 x 33 cm (6,5 x 13 inches)
Price: 42,35 euro (46 USD)

halfsleeve-island-design-polynesia-cook-islands-with-flowing-symbols awesome-inner-forearm-tattoo-examples-photos-in-Maori-Polynesia-style

polytat-forearm-tattoo-design-island-patterns-black-ink polynesian-spearheads-on-elbow-tattoo-design

upper-thigh-leg-polynesia-maori-tatau-images-in-high-quality maori-calf-tattoo-design


This picture shows the tattoo digitally placed on a photo of a calf, thigh, upperback elbow and forearm.
It's not a 100% accurate, but gives you a rough idea how the design will look when tattooed.

Images are hand drawn on A3 paper and scanned at 300 DPI. Preview a real size tattoo here.

Order this high resolution tattoo designs with Paypal, creditcard or bank transfer.
After payment you’ll receive an e-mail with a high resolution design and a stencil/linedrawing for your tattoo artist.